Argentina ENACOM - Enforce Medical Devices Standard

November, 2021

The National Communications and Media Regulator (ENACOM) in Argentina has published Resolution 1248/2021 on September 1, 2021, in which one lab has been accredited to test the ENACOM-Q2-60.15 V19.1 Medical Devices standard. Previously, ENACOM allowed manufacturers to approve these medical devices using a DoC. ENACOM will continue to accept DoCs until March 1, 2022, at which point local testing will be mandatory.

Maximum allowed output power per band:

  • Band 9 - 315 kHz: 30 dBμA/m @ 10m in EPZA

  • Band 30 - 37.5 MHz: 150 000 μV/m @ 3 m in EPZA

  • Band 401-406 MHz: 18,260 μV/m @ 3 m in EPZA

  • Band 430-440 MHz: 1,480 μV/m @ 3 m en EPZA

RESOL-2021-1248 (Spanish)

RESOL-2020-863 (Spanish)

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