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Argentina (ENACOM) - Published LPD Technical Standard Version 21.1

March, 2022

The National Communications Entity (ENACOM) in Argentina released the Synthetized Resolution 280/2022 which contains ENACOM- Q2-60.14, version 21.1, the technical standard for Low Power Devices (LPDs). Due to the addition of new frequencies that are allowed for testing, the annex of allowed bands has been replaced.

Changes include:

  • Adding 0.450-1.705 MHz

  • Maximum allowed power of 24000/f(kHz) μV/m at 30 m

  • Adding 1.705-30 MHz

  • Maximum allowed power of 30 μV/m @ 30 m

This version is in force as of March 8, 2022. Version 20.1 of the technical standard will be accepted for current on-going applications and for new applications until June 6, 2022. Renewals will not need to be retested if devices are complying with the new version of the technical standard.

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