Brazil ANATEL - Published Act 10002 and Act 10003

December, 2021

The National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) in Brazil published the following Acts on November 16, 2021:

  • Act 10002 – Updating Act 3151 on Technical Requirements for Terminal Access Stations

  • Act 10003 – Updating Act 3152 on Technical Requirements on Cellular Mobile Telephones

ANATEL defines new standards and tests that must be applied to products that operate using 4G-NBlot and 5G. Laboratories and Designated Certification Bodies (DCBs) must request tests according to these new standards depending on the product type. The Acts also include an important reservation that must be applied to all products that use 4G bands for 5G operations. They must be retested under the 5G functional tests. Certificates for these retested products must be updated within 6 months.

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