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Chile Proposes Standardized Universal Charger

June, 2022

The Chamber of Deputies of Chile proposed a bill on April 21, 2022 to establish the use of a universal standardized charger for different types of electronic devices and portable game consoles, following the proposal set by the European Commission. The proposed universal standardized charger is Type USB-C, and the proposed transition period is 2 years from the date of publication of the law.

The European Commission has issued a proposal to harmonize charging ports and fast charging technology. The proposal for the revised Radio Equipment Directive designates the USB-C as the standard port for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and handheld videogame consoles. Additionally, the Commission has proposed to unbundle the sale of chargers from the sale of electronic devices and require producers to provide relevant information regarding charging performance. These steps will reduce the environmental impact of producing and disposing chargers and improve customer convenience overall. There will be a transition period of 24 months from the date of adoption, giving the industry time to adapt before the Directive enters into force.

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