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Chile (SEC) - Draft Protocol on Safety Analysis and/or Testing of Electrical Products

July, 2023

The Superintendence of Electricity and Combustible Fuels (SEC) of Chile released Draft Protocol PE No. 8/11:2023 - Analysis Protocol and/or Electrical Product Safety Tests on June 19, 2023. This protocol establishes the certification procedure for Audio and Video electronic products that are designed with the main function of showing television transmissions with a built-in tuner, with dimensions less than or equal to 165.1 cm (65”) in diagonal length. Products with common material characteristics, manufacturing method, similar components, and production plant geographic location will be considered for Family certification.

The number of products or models needed for testing for type certification will be:

  • For certification of up to 5 models = 1 most representative model

  • For up to 10 models = 2 different most representative models

  • For up to 20 models = 3 different most representative models

  • For up to 30 models = 4 different most representative models

  • Etc.

IT products which connect to Televisions, are not considered within this protocol, and are evaluated with the IEC 60950 standard.

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