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Chile (SUBTEL) - Resolución 2844 Exenta

September, 2022

Subsecretaría de Telecomunicaciones (SUBTEL) in Chile has published Resolución 2844 Exenta on September 6, 2022, updating Resolución 1985 Exenta, the Fixed Technical Standard for Short Range Devices. While awaiting the decision international harmonization at the next World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-23), SUBTEL found it necessary to adjust the frequency bands of Wi-Fi 6 technology in the regulations. Updates to Resolución 1985 Exenta include:

  • Article 1: Item H – 2.4 GHz has been removed for Medical Appliances, which are now covered by Item J.1 (Max EIRP 1 W)

  • Article 1: Item I – Conducted power of 10 mW, and antennas with maximum gain of 40 dB is replaced by Max EIRP Limit 50 dBm

  • Article 1: Item J.1 – Where it previously said that operates in the frequency band of 5925-7125 MHz, it now says that operates in the frequency band of 5925-6425 MHz

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