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China - Notice [2022] No. 31 Changes Related to Compulsory Certification (CCC, SRRC and NAL)

September, 2022

On September 23, 2022, the State Council issued the Reform of the Electronic and Electrical Industry Management System. They announced the changes related to China Compulsory Certification (CCC/NAL/SRRC).


1. Products are no longer needed CCC certification.

0801 speaker

0802 amplifier

0805 & 0812 audio/video device

0813 electronic organ

1604 cordless telephone terminal

1608 data terminal

1609 multimedia terminal

1901 Intrusion detector

1902 anti-theft alarm controller,

2. Products require CCC certification.

Lithium ion batteries

Battery packs and mobile power supplies used in electronic and electrical products

Power adapter/charger for telecom terminal products


1. Products do not require NAL certification.

Fixed telephone terminal

Cordless telephone terminal

Group telephone

Fax machine

Modem (including card)

Wireless pager

Narrow band integrated service digital network terminal (ISDN terminal)

Multimedia terminal connected to mobile communication network

Frame relay switch

Asynchronous transmission mode switch (ATM switch)

Call center equipment

2. Products need NAL certification.

Satellite Internet Equipment

Functional Virtualization Device

NAL Process and Improvement:

  • Reduce lead-time of issuing certificate to 15 working days

  • Extend the validity of NAL trial approval from one year to two years

  • For products that have obtained NAL licenses, the licensed holders add or change the entrusted production enterprises, or makes technical and appearance changes that do not change the main functions and the core components, it is not necessary to re-apply for testing and licensing

  • Unify EMC testing requirements for NAL and CCC of telecommunications equipment. When enterprises apply for certification, they only need to conduct one EMC test, and the test reports are mutually recognized


  • Reduce lead-time of issuing certificate to 15 working days

  • In addition to the requirements of radio frequency planning adjustment and frequency use license period, the validity of SRRC certificate shall be extended to more than 2 years

  • Improve and optimize CMIIT ID Coding Rules

  • Conduct a pilot program allowing select groups of Telecom/Radio/IT Equipment manufacturers to perform self-inspection and self-certification projects, enabling them to use their own testing reports instead of 3rd party reports

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