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EAEU Adopted Amendments to Technical Regulation on Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment

June, 2022

The Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC Council) amended the EAEU technical regulations 004/2011 on safety of low voltage equipment.

The key changes are the following:

  • Used low-voltage equipment is excluded from the scope of the regulation

  • Low-voltage equipment is excluded from the scope of the TR EAEU 004/2011 if it comes under the one of the three EAEU technical regulations: - TR EAEU 010/2011 “On safety of machines and equipment” - TR EAEU 011/2011 “Safety of lifts” - TR EAEU 012/2011 “On safety of equipment for work in explosive environments” (except of cables, wires, cords)

  • Some definitions were corrected and new ones have been added

  • Requirements to accompanying documents have been updated

  • The list of low-voltage equipment subject to confirmation of compliance with safety requirements in the form of certification have been detailed

‍The developed changes are aimed to clarify the scope of the technical regulation, eliminate duplication of the provisions of other adopted technical regulations of the Union.

The changes will come into force in 180 calendar days from the date of official publication of the decision of the EEC Council that is December 11, 2022.

The full text of the Decision here

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