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EAEU Amends Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Means

June, 2022

On June 10, 2022, the EEC Council adopted a decision “On Amendments to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Equipment” (TR EAEU 020/2011)”. The key changes were made to the application area by adding items of means that are out of the scope of the regulation. These means include:

  • technical means specially designed to ensure safety in the field of atomic energy

  • technical means that were in use (operation)

  • medical products

  • defense products

  • classes, groups, types of technical means for which, in terms of EMC, requirements are established in other technical regulations

‍There is also mentioned that any equipment without active electronic circuits and powered by batteries and accumulators is not subject to TR EAEU 020/2011.

In the amended version of the TR EAEU 020/2011, one will find clarified and new definitions concerning:

  • "end consumer (user)"

  • "batch of technical means"

  • "used equipment"

  • "technical means of domestic use"

Moreover, requirements for marking and operational documents have been changed as well. From the effective date of the regulation, it will be necessary to provide information about the rules and conditions of installation.

The EEC Council specified the list of products subject to certification with regard to personal computers (computers), including: system blocks, cash registers, including those operating in conjunction with a computer.

The technical means connected to the computer are supplemented with copiers, including MFDs.

The changes to the TR EAEU 020/2011 will come into force on December 11, 2022.

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