Ecuador ARCOTEL Accepts Additional Test Reports & Certificates

October, 2021

The Agency on Telecommunication Regulation and Control (ARCOTEL) of Ecuador announced on August 20, 2021 that additional test reports and approvals would be accepted as part of ARCOTEL’s type approval application review process. The updated official list and announcement can be found by accessing the following link. Although CE/RED reports were accepted previously, it was mandatory to include a RED Type Examination Certificate (TEC) with the type approval application. Now, ARCOTEL will accept CE/RED Declarations of Conformity (DoCs).

The certification organizations accepted by ARCOTEL are:

  • National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil (ANATEL)

  • Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS)

  • China’s Ministry Of Industry and Information Technology (CMIIT)

  • European Commission (EC)

  • European Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI)

  • Federal Communications Commission of US (FCC)

  • Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS)

  • National Communications Commission of Taiwan (NCC)

  • Certification and Engineering Bureau of Industry of Canada (CEBIC)

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