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Egypt (NTRA) - New Internet of Things (IoT) Framework for Egypt

April, 2022

The Egypt National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) released a new Internet of Things (IoT) Framework for the Arab Republic of Egypt.

From January, 2022, the new published framework includes a detailed overview of the allowed IoT Services and defines the regulatory framework for the usage of IoT in Egypt.

In addition, NTRA defines in this regulatory framework the requirements for the usage of IoT devices as follows:

  • Type Approval Certificate shall be obtained from NTRA for IoT devices used.

  • Trade agreements shall be drafted and necessary licenses shall be also obtained in case any copy-right protected software, operation systems or tools owned to third parties, are used.

  • IoT devices shall support username and password changing per user, and shall have the feature of Reset Factory Settings.

  • All SIM cards of IoT devices, operating via mobile operators, shall belong to licensed operators or any foreign operator that have previously obtained the approval of NTRA on IoT roaming agreement thereof.

  • All rules and regulations issued by NTRA to this end shall, by IoT importers and users, be adhered to.

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