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European Union (EC) - List of Harmonized Standards to LVD Update

June, 2022

The European Commission (EC) updated the list of harmonized standards for electrical equipment designed for the use within certain voltage limits and drafted in support of Directive 2014/35/EU. Thus, the EC together with CEN and Cenelec checked the new versions of standards and assessed which harmonized standards should be added to the list and which standards should be amended and corrected.

The EC issued the Commission Implementing Decision 2022/713 featuring the following standards:

  • EN 50689:2021

  • EN IEC 61010-2-011:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 61010-2-011:2021)

  • EN IEC 61347-2-14:2018/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 61347-2-14:2018)

  • EN IEC 60320-1:2021

  • EN IEC 60335-2-25:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 60335-2-25:2021)

  • EN IEC 60335-2-41:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 60335-2-41:2021)

  • EN IEC 60335-2-96:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 60335-2-96:2021)

  • EN IEC 60974-8:2021

  • EN IEC 61010-2-032:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 61010-2-032:2021)

  • EN IEC 61010-2-033:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 61010-2-033:2021)

  • EN IEC 61010-2-040:2021

  • EN IEC 61010-2-091:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 61010-2-091:2021)

  • EN IEC 61914:2021

  • EN IEC 62031:2020/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 62031:2020)

  • EN IEC 60335-2-105:2021/A11:2021 and EN IEC 60335-2-105:2021/A1:2021 (revision of EN IEC 60335-2-105:2021)

  • EN IEC 60335-2-84:2021/A11:2021 (revision of EN IEC 60335-2-84:2021)

  • EN 60335-2-29:2021/A1:2021 (revision of EN 60335-2-29:2021)

  • EN 60335-2-54:2008/A11:2012/AC:2015, EN 60335-2-54:2008/A11:2012, and EN 60335-2-54:2008/A1:2015, EN 60335-2-54:2008/A12:2021, and EN 60335-2-54:2008/A2:2021 (instead of EN 60335-2-54:2008)

  • EN 61009-1:2012/A1:2014, EN 61009-1:2012/A11:2015, EN 61009-1:2012/A2:2014, and EN 61009-1:2012/A13:2021 (instead of EN 61009-1:2012)

  • EN 60335-2-15:2016/A11:2018, EN 60335-2-15:2016/A12:2021, EN 60335-2-15:2016/A1:2021, and EN 60335-2-15:2016/A2:2021 (instead of EN 60335-2-15:2016)

  • EN 60335-2-35:2016/A1:2019, and EN 60335-2-35:2016/A2:2021 (revision of EN 60335-2-35:2016)

  • EN 60335-2-61:2003/A1:2005, EN 60335-2-61:2003/A2:2008, and EN 60335-2-61:2003/A11:2019, and EN 60335-2-61:2003/A12:2021 (instead of EN 60335-2-61:2003)

  • EN 60335-2-27:2013/A1:2020, EN 60335-2-27:2013/A2:2020 and EN 60335-2-27:2013/AC:2021-11 (instead of EN 60335-2-27:2013)

  • EN 60335-2-21:2021/A1:2021 (revision of EN 60335-2-21:2021)

Although, the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/713 is already in force, the manufacturers have the transitional period to prepare for the requirements of new versions of the standards

The full text of the Decision (EU) 2022/713 here

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