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India (TEC) - Acceptance of Source Approval Certificate (SAC) for Optical Fiber (Single Mode)

June, 2022

The Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) of India has released an official order on the Acceptance of Source Approval Certificate (SAC) under MTCTE on June 2, 2022. TEC will accept SAC issued by BSNL against the Optical Fiber (Single Mode) product under MTCTE, like the acceptance of Technical Specification Evaluation Certificate (TSEC) issued by BSNL.

Testing for either SAC or TSEC can be performed at a CAB or any test lab around the world as long as it is witnessed by a nominated official. If some parameters in Essential Requirements (ER) of optical fiber or cable are not present in the respective Generic Requirements (GR) of the product for which the SAC or TSEC certificate has been issued, the respective parameters of the ER will be exempted and a provisional certificate may be issued for the product for 2 years or the validity of the SAC/TSEC certificate, whichever is earlier.

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