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India (TEC) - Guidelines for Family and Associated Models of Optical Fiber Cables (OFC)

May, 2023

The India Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) released a clarification on April 13, 2023, defining criteria for submitting applications for Family or Associated Models of Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) under MTCTE.

Family Models are defined as having different optical cable models built around the same cable element, with different cable designs based on the type of fiber, sheath, flooding and filling type, inner outer sheath material, or other constructional designs. These may be submitted using a family application for MTCTE. Complete testing may be done for any one of the OFC models within the family per applicable Essential Requirement (ER). Incremental parameter testing may need to be done for other family models due to changes in the characteristics mentioned above or any other constructional design change, with testing occurring on the model with the highest fiber count for the specific design type.

Associated Models are defined as different OFC models that are under a specific variant of ER and built around a varying fiber count with the same cable element and same cable design parameters listed above. The OFC with the highest fiber count may be submitted and tested as the main model, while the models with the lower fiber count may be submitted as associated models.

OFC models with higher fiber counts compared to models already certified as family or associated models will require new applications and will not fall under existing certificates.

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