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India (TEC) - MTCTE Criteria for Equipment With Specialized Test Requirements

May, 2023

The India Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) published a notification on April 18, 2023, stating criteria for specialized test requirements for provisional certificates under MTCTE for Routers, LAN Switches, and DWDM equipment that operate on single or three phase with current requirement greater than or equal to 32 A, or that operate on 48 V DC with current requirement greater than or equal to 100 A.

Applicants must submit test reports from ILAC accredited labs for EMI/EMC and Safety parameters, and an SDoC by the OEM must be provided for technical parameters. The parameters will be treated as exempted for these products and a provisional certificate valid for two years may be issued. Applicants are also required to share specifications of voltage, current, and power requirements along with the application.

When security requirements (ITSARs) are notified, applicants must apply to convert the provisional certificate to an integrated MTCTE certificate that includes security testing.

MTCTE applications for router products with security testing will be accepted starting July 1, 2023.

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