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India (WPC) - License Exempt for Some RFID Devices

February, 2022

The Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC) - Wing of the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology of India issued a notification about the updated rules on the Use of Low Power Equipment in the Frequency Band 865-868 MHz for Short Range Devices (Exemption from License).

According to the Notification, the Use of Low Power Equipment in the Frequency Band 865-868 MHz for Short Range Devices (Exemption from License) Rules, 2021 became effective from December 10, 2021. It replaced the rules on Use of Low Power Equipment in the Frequency band 865-867 MHz for (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification Devices (Exemption from Licensing Requirement) that were issued in 2005.

The rules apply to the following equipment operating 865-868 MHz:

  • Non-Specific Short Range Devices, including devices for Telemetry, Telecommand, Alarms and Data in general and other similar applications

  • Tracking, Tracing and Data Acquisition Devices, including devices for Emergency detection, Person detection and collision avoidance, Meter reading, Sensors and actuators, Data acquisition

  • Wideband Data Transmission Systems

  • Radio Frequency Identification Applications including asset tracking, alarm systems, waste management, personal identification, access control, proximity sensors, anti-theft systems, location systems, etc.

Although, the licensing is not required for the above-mentioned types of equipment, it still should be typed approved against the requirements of the relevant standards to meet the limits specified in these rules.

The safety related requirements for the respective devices and frequency bands must be checked according to the relevant International or National standards.

Check this link for details.

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