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Israel (MoC) - Wireless Telegraph Regulations 5722-2022

September, 2022

The Ministry of Communications of Israel (MOC) revised Wireless Telegraph Regulations by issuing Wireless Telegraph Regulations (Certificates of Compliance) (Amendment), 5722-2022 on July 4, 2022. This new version makes corrections to the Wireless Telegraph (Certificates of Compliance), Regulation 5721-2021. The key revisions concern importation documents, labels, and Wi-Fi 6E limitations.

It is possible to import radio devices by using declaration or certificate of conformity against EU Legislation requirements from July. Moreover, the MOC simplified labeling requirements and permits to indicate Company ID instead of certificate number. It allows manufacturers to save time and money by using a single label for products with different certificates and eliminates the requirement to changing the label after certificate expiration.

Additionally, the Ministry of Communications (MOC):

  • removed bandwidth limits for the devices operating on the UWB 6-8.5 GHz band

  • permitted indoor use up to 200mW in the band of 5.945-6.245 GHz for Wireless Access Systems (WAS) including Radio Local Area Networks (RLANs)

  • maximum power level for SRD operating in the 5.725-5.875 GHz was limited to 25 mW both for indoor and outdoor use.

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