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Japan MIC - Published Ordinance No. 87 For Radio Equipment

December, 2021

The Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) issued Ordinance No. 87. According to the new update, the following documents have been partly revised:

  1. Radio Law Enforcement Regulations

  2. Radio Equipment Regulations

  3. Technical Regulations Conformity Certification of Specified Radio Equipment‍

The revision was made with regard to UWB wireless systems for outdoor use and radar systems transmitting short- wavelength electromagnetic wave signals (mmWave radars). MIC extends the use of UWB technologies on 7.25-9 GHz frequency bands.

Additionally, MIC informs that UWB devices should have the following:

  • Average antenna power of -41.3 dBm/MHz or less

  • Peak antenna power of 0 dBm/50 MHz or less

  • Tolerance of occupied frequency bandwidth should be 1.75 GHz

  • Frequency bandwidth for radiant power 10 dB lower than maximum radiant power: 450 MHz or higher

  • The design of housing should prevent easy opening

The document revised technical conditions requirements to the mmWave radars operating on 60 GHz band.

  • Frequency allocation 57 GHz ~ 64 GHz

  • Antenna power should be 12 dBm or less

  • Equivalent isotropic radiated power should be 17 dBm or less

  • Pulse amplitude modulation type

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