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Jordan (TRC) - RLAN Instruction Update

May, 2022

On April 13, 2022, The Telecommunications Regulation Commission (TRC) of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan published the updated RLAN instructions with the following main changes to the frequency bands below:

  • 5150-5350 MHz – TRC has allowed B2 (5250-5350 MHz) to be used, which means the whole band (B1, B2) is now allowed for indoor and outdoor use with 23 dBm Max EIRP.

  • 5470-5725 MHz – TRC has allowed this band for indoor use only with 30 dBm Max EIRP.

  • 5925-6425 MHz (Wi-Fi 6E) – TRC has allowed this band for portable devices (indoor and outdoor) with 25mW dBm Max EIRP.

  • 57-71 GHz – TRC has allowed this band to be used with 40 dBm Max EIRP provided that TX power shall not exceed 27 dBm.

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