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Mexico Introduces New Requirements for Some Electrical Products

June, 2022

The Mexican Secretariat of Economics issued an updated version of standard NMX-J-515-ANCE-2021 in December 2021 and gave the transitional period for manufacturers to prepare for the new requirements.

Thus, amended requirements for low voltage switchgear and control gear that are subject to the national standard NMX-J-515-ANCE - Switch gear and control gear. General safety requirements. Specifications and test methods” have become effective from June 20, 2022.

The Standard establishes the minimum safety requirements for switch gear and control gear, in order to ensure the integrity of living beings and facilities in case of the following risks:

a) Electric shock caused by electrical leakage or current discharge in case of contact with user

b) Flash-burn caused by inadvertent contact with overheated accessible parts

c) Bodily injury, health, and material damage caused by mechanical instability or disorderly closedown of equipment;

d) Bodily injuries, health, and material effects caused by inflammation of the equipment during its use

The Mexican Secretariat of Economics notifies that the national standard doesn’t have international analogues. However, it allows all interested parties, such as product engineers, manufacturers, buyers, vendors, users, and competent authorities to introduce, request safe equipment, and verify its safety and reliability.

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