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Moldova Launches Changes in Technical Regulation on Radio Equipment

June, 2022

The government of the Republic of Moldova issued the Resolution #208 that was officially published on April 1st, 2022. The resolution makes changes to the Decision of the Government of Moldova # 34 dated January 30, 2019 on approval of Technical Regulations “On ensuring the presence of radio equipment on the market”.

The Resolution changes clause about application of national SM mark and international CE mark on the radio equipment.

According to the Decision # 34, it was prohibited to put the national SM conformity mark on the device with the CE mark already affixed to exclude the presence of both CE and SM mark on the device.

The government changed this statement and prescribed that the presence of the CE mark on radio equipment eliminates the need to apply the SM conformity mark to the same equipment.

The Regulation became effective from its publication date in the Official Gazette of Moldova. ‍

The full text of the Regulation you can find here

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