Nigeria (NCC) - Sample and Family Approval Requirements

August, 2022

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has updated information related to sample requirements and devices intended for family/series approval.

The following devices require a commercial grade sample sent to NCC for approval:

  • Notebooks

  • Tablets

  • Mobile Phones

  • Mouse and Keyboards

  • Smart Watches

  • Wi-Fi Modems

  • Bluetooth Speakers

  • Digital Cameras (with WLAN/Wired interface)

  • Printers

Samples from devices not listed above may also be considered necessary by NCC. All samples will be retained by NCC.

Regarding family/series approval, the following devices are normally considered:

  • Microwave Radios

  • Servers

  • Smart TVs, Washing Machines, Refrigerators, etc.

  • Enterprise Switches

  • Enterprise Routers

  • Enterprise Gateway Equipment

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