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Pakistan (PTA) - New Type Approval Regulations.

January, 2022

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) published the updated "Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations, 2021" in the Gazette of Pakistan on September 13, 2021.

Key changes are:

1) Changes to the exempt devices list:

  • Networking equipment (switches, firewalls, servers, storage devices)

  • Laptops/desktops (non-sim based only)

  • GPS only devices

The following devices were removed from the list of exempted technologies and therefore, are subject to mandatory type approval:

• Tablet PCs with WiFi only (Non-Sim based devices)

• Smart watches with BT / WiFi only (Without SIM or tracking)

• UWB devices

All Wifi, Bluetooth and RFID equipment now require Pakistan Type Approval.

SRDs are already subject to Pakistan Type Approval.

2) Ultra Wide Band devices have been formally added as a device category requiring Type Approval in Pakistan.

3) EN 62368-1 has been added to the list of accepted standards.

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