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Pakistan PTA - New Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations for Terminal Equipment

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

December, 2021

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) notified about the official publication of a new document “Type approval technical standards regulations, 2021”. The regulations became valid from January 25, 2021. The regulations apply for all terminal equipment. The PTA informs that it will recognize test reports issued by any accredited testing laboratories within the certification procedure.

The PTA determines the following requirements for different types of products:‍

  • SIM/IMEI-based mobile devices must have Type Allocation Code (TAC) issued by GSM association

  • Devices operation on VHF frequency bands must be programmed with the licensed allocated frequency band only and can be sold only to PTA-licenced organizations

  • Devices operating on HF and UHF frequency bands must be programmed with the licensed allocated frequency band and have only licensed output power

  • Devices intended for the marine field must be authorized by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agencies (MSA) and get the license from the PTA

  • Modules for terminal equipment shall be type approved to be used in the final equipment

  • All wireless radio-based terminal equipment must operate on non-interference base within the allowed frequency spectrum‍

Each model or version of terminal equipment must be approved separately. The type approved product must contain a unique Type Approval Number and verifiable sign “approved by PTA”.

The Regulation document can be found here.

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