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Peru MCT - New Update on Technical Manual Process

January, 2022

The Transport & Communications Ministry (MTC) in Peru has released a new update on the Technical Manual Process for companies holding CE and FCC repost, but not FCC Grants.

Since December 2021, MCT has processed requests which require a Technical Manual exclusively when this document has the corporate electronic-signature technology that shows the name and e-mail of the signing person, on behalf of the manufacturer (or the Testing Laboratory), as a guarantee that this document has been issued by the manufacturer or by the company that has an international certification.

In case that the technical manual does not have e-sign technology, the document must include contact details of the representative of the “manufacturer or company that has an international certification to carry out tests and laboratory reports”, which indicates the following mandatory information:

  • Name and surname of the signer

  • Company stamp (recommend)

  • Company name

  • Phone number and E-mail

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