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Singapore (IMDA) - Security Requirements to Guard Against Network Storms For Cellular Devices

October, 2022

1. IMDA published the finalized Technical Specification for Security Requirements to Guard against Network Storms for Cellular Devices (IMDA TS CD-SEC) on July 1, 2022. The TS CD-SEC defines the minimum technical security requirements for the design and management of cellular devices to better safeguard communication networks from security threats in the area of connection efficiency.

2. The requirements under TS CD-SEC are applicable to cellular device which supports Section 7 on Connection Efficiency Requirements of the GSMA TS.34 guidelines, and also subject to compliance either with IMDA TS IOT or IMDA TS CMT. Applicable cellular devices are required to comply with the above IMDA technical standards and register the equipment with IMDA. The online equipment registration has commenced since September 19, 2022.

The timeline for compliance with TS CD-SEC is as follows:

3. For equipment registration, it will be a self-declaration process whereby equipment suppliers/manufacturers shall conduct its own technical assessment, and state its “Statement of Compliance” in the Implementation Table and submit it along during the online registration under SER/GER scheme. Should compatibility or other technical problem arises in connection with the use of the registered equipment (such as causing network storm to the network), suppliers/manufacturers shall make the necessary modifications, alternations or substitutions to the registered equipment.

For more information on Equipment Registration Framework, please refer to IMDA’s website at

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