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Singapore IMDA - Updated TS RG-SEC Requirements for Residential Gateway

December, 2021

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (“IMDA”) of Singapore released the enhanced security requirements for new home routers in 2020. These requirements were included into the technical specification “Security Requirements for Residential Gateways” (TS RG-SEC), and should become mandatory from October 12, 2021. After received feedback from manufacturers and supply industries, the IMDA took a decision to postpone the implementation of the TS RG-SEC requirements till May 1, 2022. After this date, any home router model that does not comply with the technical requirement set out in the IMDA TS RG-SEC cannot be sold on the market of Singapore.

Applicants should apply to the IMDA for registration of the home router. If it meets the requirements of TS RG-SEC, the IMDA registers the model. When the home router meets the requirements of the TS RG-SEC, the 1st level of cybersecurity provisions is granted within the Cybersecurity Labelling Scheme (CLS) of the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) by default. After registration the equipment should have the IMDA's Compliance Label and the CSA's Cybersecurity Label.

If models don't meet the requirements of the TS RG-SEC, these models can be imported only for re-export purposes and not for the Singapore’s market supply.

The full text of TS RG-SEC can be found here.

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