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Thailand (TIS) - New Standards for AV Products

May, 2022

The Thai Industrial Standards (TIS) will be announcing new standards for AV products in the next month. The 20 products below will need to comply with the industrial standard TIS62368-1 (2563).

The following products will need to comply within 180 days of the publication of TIS62368-1 (2563):

  1. Radio Receiver

  2. Television Receiver

  3. Signal Amplifier

  4. Disc Player

  5. Videogame Player

  6. Wireless Microphone Receiver

  7. Radio Frequency Receiver

  8. Television Frequency Receiver

  9. Satellite Receiver

  10. Amplifier With Speaker

  11. Converter Adapter

  12. Signal Processor

  13. Mixer

  14. Electronic Musical Instruments

  15. Audio and Video Player

  16. Internet Audio and Video Receiver

  17. Cable TV Receiver

  18. Audio and Video Converter Adapter

  19. Power Supply for the Electronic Equipment

The following product will need to comply within 480 days of the publication of TIS62368-1 (2563):

  1. Power Supply for Mobile Phones and Tablets

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