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UK (Ofcom) - Wireless Telegraphy Exemption Regulations

April, 2023

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) in the United Kingdom published the Wireless Telegraphy Exemption Amendment Regulations 2023 on March 2, 2023. These Regulations consolidate and amend legislation that exempt certain wireless telegraphy stations or devices from the licensing requirement under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006.

This amendment includes the following updates:

  • The Wireless Telegraphy - Intelligent Transport Systems - Exemption Regulations 2011 have been revoked.

  • The Wireless Telegraphy - Automotive Short Range Radar - Exemption Regulations 2013 scope has been limited so that Short Range Radar Equipment operating in the 24.25-26.65 GHz frequency band cannot be installed in vehicles that are registered, on the market, or in service after March 24, 2023.

  • The Wireless Telegraphy - Exemption Regulations 2021 publication dates and Interface Requirement documents have been updated to incorporate changes in technical conditions. Previous exemptions for fixed wireless systems, high density fixed satellite systems, and earth stations in motion connected to a non-geostationary satellite have been revoked.

The new regulations came into effect on March 23, 2023.

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