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United States FCC KDB Updates

October, 2021

  • Pre-Approval Guidance List

The Commission has adopted the Pre-Approval Guidance (PAG) procedure described in KDB Publication 388624 D01.

The 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v17r04 replaces the 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v17r03 to add item C2PCPX to the PAG list in section 4.3 Administrative Issues. Modified PAG item WAIVER to reference new KDB Publication 502150.

Please check the link for details, 388624 D02 Pre-Approval Guidance List v17r04

  • Notification: Class II Permissive Change for PCB and Part Modification and PAG C2PCPX

The FCC-OET is analyzing new options for the Class II Permissive Changes (CP2C) procedure. The OET Lab may provide case-by-case guidance related to accommodate non-pin-to-pin compatible parts modifications. This guidance will only be related to specific KDB inquiries and cannot be considered for future reference or as a precedent-setting at this time.

Please check the link below for details, Notification 202109-001

  • Certification Under Waiver

The procedures for an equipment authorization under a waiver is currently a draft publication at OET Laboratory Draft Policies ( Applicants shall currently use the draft procedure document: 502150 Certification Under Waiver DR01-44460 located at

  • Draft KDB available for review and comment

Last date to post comments on October 29, 2021

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