Vietnam MIC - Circulars on 5G User Equipment

January, 2022

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) of Vietnam has published the following Circulars:

  • Circular No. 06/2021/TT-BTTTT – Includes QCVN 127:2021/BTTTT – National Technical Regulation on Standalone 5G User Equipment – Radio Access

The Circular is dated August 31, 2021, and it will take effect on March 1, 2022. From March 1, 2022 to July 1, 2022, Type Approval Certificates for 5G NR devices under either QCVN 47:2015/BTTTT or QCVN 127:2021/BTTTT may be used. Starting July 1, 2022, QCVN 127:2021/BTTTT will be mandatory.

  • Circular No. 28/2021/TT-BTTTT – Includes QCVN 129:2021/BTTTT – National Technical Regulation on Non-Standalone 5G User Equipment – Radio Access

The Circular is dated December 31, 2021, and QCVN 129:2021/BTTTT will be mandatory starting July 1, 2022.

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