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Yemen (MTIT) - released the FIRST TYPE APPROVALS with a Validity of 2 Years

April, 2022

The Ministry of Telecom and Information Technology (MTIT) in Yemen finally started to issue and release type approvals for Yemen after suspension of issuance for the last months.

Here is a summary of the changes and updates based on the new type approvals:

  • Type approvals will be issued from now on with a validity of 2 Years. The initial decision from the authority to issue type approvals with a validity of 3 years has been revoked.

  • New type approvals will include a QR-code to enable the authority and the custom authority in Yemen to check the authenticity of the type approvals in the future.

  • The unique country of origin is further on required for type approvals. The same device with more countries of origin requires several type approvals, namely one type approval for each country of origin.

  • The MTIT in Yemen changed the design of type approvals.

The purpose of the implementation of the new approval system is to guarantee a quick and smooth handling of the applications in the future.

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