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ECC Opens Public Consultation on Draft Reports and Decision for 3.8-4.2 GHz Spectrum Management

The Electronics Communications Committee (ECC) has initiated a public consultation starting July 2, 2024, concerning several draft documents related to spectrum management and technical standards for wireless communications:

1. Draft CEPT Report 088: This report is in response to a mandate from the European Commission regarding the shared use of the 3800-4200 MHz frequency band by terrestrial wireless broadband systems providing local-area network connectivity (WBB LMP).

2. Draft ECC Decision (24)01: This draft decision proposes harmonized technical conditions for the shared use of the 3.8-4.2 GHz frequency band specifically by low/medium power terrestrial wireless broadband systems (WBB LMP) providing local-area network connectivity.

3. Draft ECC Report 362: This report addresses the compatibility issues between mobile or fixed communications networks (MFCN) operating in the 3400-3800 MHz band and wireless broadband systems operating in the 3800-4200 MHz band with Radio Altimeters (RA) operating in the 4200-4400 MHz band.

The public consultation is open for comments until August 19, 2024.

Access consultation here.

Contact us for more information.

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