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FCC Grants Approval for Very Low-Power Device Operations in the 6 GHz Band

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has granted permission for very low-power devices to operate in the 6 GHz band alongside existing WiFi-enabled devices. This decision is expected to foster an ecosystem of cutting-edge applications, including wearables, augmented and virtual reality, and IoT devices, which will benefit businesses, education, healthcare, and entertainment. The 6 GHz band is crucial for next-generation Wi-Fi technologies, having already played a significant role in the growth of Wi-Fi 6E and IoT. The new rules allow for low-power devices to operate over short distances at high connection speeds, but they are subject to strict technical and operational requirements to protect incumbent licensed services and ensure interference protection.

View the original FCC news release below.

Download PDF • 150KB

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