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IFT Mexico Issues New Guidelines for IFT Seal Usage on Certified Telecommunications and Broadcasting Products

On December 26, 2023, the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico issued new guidelines titled "Guidelines for the use of the IFT Seal on products, equipment, devices, or apparatus intended for certified telecommunications or broadcasting." These guidelines outline provisions and specifications for using the IFT Seal as an additional means of easy identification on certified products.

Key points from the guidelines include:

  1. The IFT Seal, part of the IFT's graphic identity, must be printed in 100% positive black or 100% negative black, while respecting protection areas and minimum printing dimensions.

  2. Holders of a Homologation Certificate and other designated actors must adhere to the specified requirements for using the IFT Seal.

  3. A 180-day transition period is established from the date of publication in the official journal. During this period, the regulations will only apply to products certified after the effective date.

  4. Products with a previously obtained Homologation Certificate can maintain the existing IFT marking, and the new regulations will not retroactively apply to them.

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