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Navigating Compliance Reports: Standards and Regulations for Products in the Canadian Market

In Canada, any product placed on the market must meet the relevant standards at the time of its manufacturing, importation, distribution, leasing, offering for sale, or sale. When standards are updated and the transition period ends, requiring compliance with the latest version, the product's test report must be updated accordingly. For Category I equipment, if it meets the latest standard edition, there's no need to update certification submissions or listings, but the updated test report must be retained by the manufacturer/importer and provided to ISED upon request. Key legislative points include Paragraph 4(3) of the Radiocommunication Act mandating compliance with existing standards, Paragraph 5(1)(d) empowering the Minister to set technical standards, and Paragraph 2.1 of the Radiocommunication Regulations defining applicable standards. These standards are listed in Category I and Category II equipment standards lists, updated on the ISED website.

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