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UK Mobile Networks Phasing Out 3G and 2G: Guidance for Suppliers and IoT Devices

UK mobile network providers are gradually shutting down 3G and later 2G networks by 2033 to make way for faster 4G and 5G services. Vodafone, Three, and EE plan to switch off 3G by end-2024, with VMO2 following in 2025. While specifics for 2G switch-off are pending, it's expected by 2033. Ofcom outlines expectations for fair treatment during this transition, impacting devices beyond phones, such as alarms and ATMs. Suppliers using 2G/3G networks should ensure service continuity and communicate changes. Collaboration between MNOs and suppliers is encouraged, especially for devices using roaming SIMs. Some areas may experience 3G-only service loss. Industry bodies are urged to develop sector-specific guidance.

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